May 22, 2008


This morning we were running a little late for school because the kids were eating like turtles. I quickly round up the kids threw them in the car and started to back out of the drive way, when I look down and see my gas light was on. "No... not today." Spencer is in the back seat saying, " Mom, I am going to miss my field trip." Everything is so spread out here that you don't find a gas station on every corner, you have to drive a ways. So I pull into a gas station and to my disbelief the sign says, "TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK." Are ya kidding me, who runs out of gas? What "gas station" doesn't have gas? Isn't that its main purpose-to have gas! I do a quick U turn and head out of the gas station, hoping I will have enough gas to get me to the next station, which is not close. The kids are going crazy in the back yelling, "Mom, just break the speed limit, go, go, go, FAST." Hum, wonder where they have heard those words. Spencer is still proceeding to tell me how he is going to miss his field trip if we don't hurry, so to just pull out in front of all the cars, (again, wonder who he has been driving with...Um, DAD). I finally said, "You will miss your field trip anyway if we are all dead!" I finally pull into the next gas station and I see little yellow bags around all the pumps that read "OUT OF ORDER". Really, are you serious? Finally, on the last row there were 2 pumps that were usable, Hallelujah!! I put a couple gallons in and off we went. Now, yes of course I hit every light RED along the way, but we ended up at school about 30 seconds before the last bell rang. Thank you!! Talk about eye opener on our economy and being prepared. (Having our lamps full, or in this case our tanks) I have been so frustrated at the price of gas, (remember, I am still driving 30 min to school and back everyday plus basketball, scouts, and church) I guess I never thought about it just not being there at all! Pretty crazy. ( I know mom you are thinking, "I told you never to let your tank get below half").