August 26, 2010

Mom's 60th Birthday Weekend

All the kids decided to surprise Mom for her 60th Birthday!!
Dad pretended to take her to a hotel for the weekend and we were all waiting in the room when they walked in.....SURPRISE!!!!!

 Chocolate cake of course....Yummy

All the kids had little blow horns and shouted Surprise when she came around the corner
 The Birthday Girl

 The Birthday Celebration would not have been complete without a trip to her favorite place....Disneyland!!!

 Addie and Ashton riding Big Thunder with Grandma

 The kids waited and waited to all be picked for the Jedi training, this is Ashton's favorite thing to do.  This was his first time getting picked.  So, he was Excited........

  And Nervous..............

 Waiting in line to go fight Darth Vader.....
 He defeated Darth and is now a certified Padawan!!!
 COUSINS hanging out in the "O"

 Ashton and Kaden on the rope swing in California Adventure

 The kids could spend all day in this huge play ground.  They love playing hide and seek and Tag with each other.  Running up and down the different levels, climbing the ropes and rock walls, and sliding down the huge slide.
 Uncle Tyler and the kids. We were minus a couple who went to take naps

 On Saturday we all went to the beach and had a bonfire!!!

 Uncle Troy and the boys playing football
 Dad, Mom, Courtney, and Berlynn chillin' on the beach
 Troy's signature pose
 Addie, Max and Adam building a sand castle
 Hot dogs and roasted marshmallows!!  We had such a great weekend.  
We love you MOM
Happy Birthday!!!

 love you