April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We started the Easter weekend by going to the Mesa Easter Pageant at the Temple. We had never been before and WOW was it amazing! A cast of over 400 people take place in this every night for two weeks. What an incredible way to make the story of Christ come to life on stage. You feel the power of the spirit so strong, giving us a small glimpse into what it might have been like that last week of his life. The kids had a memorable time learning about Christ, walking around the temple, being with cousins, and loving all the soldiers and their swords...true boys!
We stopped at our favorite Cafe Rio and brought our dinner to eat while we were waiting a good hour and a half for it to start. Ashton was sitting on my lap watching so intently. He got so worried when he saw Christ being hurt and said, "Mommy, I don't like those Red guys they hurt Jesus. Why they do that?" I could not help the tears that began streaming down my face when I could not give him a Good reason WHY, because I had that same question. How could anyone have been so cruel to the Savior, MY Savior. I am so grateful to him for his sacrifice and love for each one of us.

On Saturday we went to Tyler's cousins for an Easter egg hunt. Ashton is in Heaven with his chocolate mouth kickin' back enjoying life. Then his cousin Lexie came over for a friendly "Hi." Oh boy, he grabbed his basket of candy and held it so tight saying, "mom shes gonna get my cannie!!!"
Spencer and Kaden went with Tyler to the Diamond Backs vs. Dodgers game and the boys were pinging off the walls...so excited to go, and maybe they would catch a ball! So, of course the little man wanted to go too but tickets were short. Instead he spent a fun night with mom coloring Easter eggs and watching Madagascar 2 It was a "mommy and me night" according to him.

Why is it every Easter I try for just ONE good picture of the kids in their Easter clothes and without fail, it Never Works. I hear, "I'm hot, the suns in my eyes, I don't want to take my picture, I closed my eyes, I'm tired, are we done........" So here is the best we did this year :)

Sunday night we all went to dinner at Tyler's other cousin and I think we counted something like 16 adults and over 30 kids...crazy! The Masks are wonderful and we love them for always making us feel welcome and including us when our familes are in California. Thanks for a great weekend. We love you all!!