May 1, 2010

Love this little guy!!

Just some random thoughts:

Ashton told me today that they were learning about animals and reptiles in preschool. He said," some babies come from eggs and some from mommies. Like daddy Shamu takes his feathers and puts the baby in the mommy Shamu's tummy, then POOF...the baby comes out!" I said, "Ashton, Shamu doesn't have feathers." He said, " I mean... his flippers" If it were only that easy...LOVE HIM!! If only I could keep him this innocent :)

For family home evening we decided to make a slurpee run to Circle K...via our bikes and scooters. While we were outside sitting on a curb drinking away, Ashton asked, "Daddy, where is your helmet?" Tyler replied, " I forgot it at home." Ashton, "Daddy, Heavenly Father is going to be MAAAD at you!"

The boys were getting out of the car today at school:
Mom: Have a good day boys, I love you...remember to Choose the Right!
Ashton: And Don't give up!!