June 9, 2009


Sunday after church we sat the kids down to tell them we wanted to set some goals and values for our family. We wanted to have a family Mission statement and Motto to live by. This became somewhat of a serious discussion that the two older boys were totally involved. Ashton left the room for a few minutes when all the sudden we heard the back door shut and he came running into the family room, took this stance and said, "Motocross".
We of course all busted up laughing and our serious moment was GONE!
He then wanted us to play "Motocross" Duck, Duck, Goose. He had new rules for the game too. We had to sit in a circle and one person would walk around the circle and tap everyone on the head-not saying anything. Then when you came to the person you wanted to tap you say "Motocross" Jump up and run not only in a circle, but all the way around the kitchen Island, back to the family room and sit down, before you were tagged. He was the hit of the night and so proud of himself.

We did actually get something accomplished

The Garns Family Mission Statement

We promise to be Grateful, Smart, Clean, True, Humble, and Prayerful.
We strive to be worthy to serve a Mission, receive Priesthood and Temple blessings, and treat others with Respect. We talk of Christ, We rejoice in Christ, and We preach of Christ, that we may live together as an Eternal Family.

Our Motto: Serve with Strength, Honor, and Love