November 30, 2009

Kaden's 8th Birthday

I can't believe he is really 8years old! I remember last year at Spencer's baptism thinking...this can't be, he can't be this old. Well here we are again.
Kaden was so excited for his Baptism.
We were in California for Thanksgiving and just decided that we would baptize him while we were there with all our family close by. So Monday on his Birthday he was Baptized. He told me later, "mom, I'm glad I got to get baptized on my birthday, that way I will always remember the day."

We are so proud of you Kaden and Love you tons and tons!!!

Just one good picture would be nice

Grandpa Garns made Kaden this Amazing picture. Kaden told grandpa that he wanted a picture of the knight "kneeling down to him!"

Grandpa and Grandma Garns

Uncle Scott and Aunt Lisa...Thanks so much for coming!!

Great Grandpa and Grandma White

Grandpa and Grandma Meldrum

Daddy and Me on my Special Day!!

The cousins
My Birthday Celebration

Thank you all for coming to his Baptism and for those of you who helped out with the program, we can't thank you enough. Kaden planned the day the way he wanted it to go :) and he was so glad everyone was there
We love you all