December 15, 2008

Temple Lights

For Family night we went to the Temple to look at the lights. The kids love this tradition and look forward to it every year. I must say that the Mesa Temple is decked out!! They have lights everywhere and on everything. The kids had fun going around to each of the little scenes they had set up with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, and the Wisemen. Ashy loved the donkey's and animals around the stable. After we looked at the lights we went into the visitors center and saw all the Nativities from all over the world they had displayed. We then saw the massive statue of Christ and listened to a message they play about him. It was so sweet to watch Ashton's face as we walked into the room with this huge statue of Christ. He got silent and his little eyes were just fixed on Christ. It wasn't that long ago that he left his Heavenly Father and I'm sure it must spark a feeling inside little kids, just by their reaction when they see their older brother.


Kaden was so excited to bring Bananas home from school. In his first grade class the star student of the week gets to bring Bananas (the monkey) home for the weekend. They have to take it with them wherever they go and take pictures of what they did together. Then they make a little poster and put the pictures of their weekend.
It is a little creepy when you think that monkey goes to all the kids homes, so Bananas had a bath as soon as he came to our house.