September 30, 2009


Okay, I know this is probably not the most appropriate thing to blog about, but it is just cracking me up.

Tonight the boys were getting out of the shower when all the sudden Ashton (3yrs) gets this very worried tone in his voice and says, "Kaden what happened? You have a hole in your bummy." Kaden laughs and says, "Ashy, you have a hole in your bummy too, everyone does." Ashton breaks out into tears and starts crying. "Mommy, I don't want to have a hole in me, MAKE IT GO AWAY!" The boys and I have lost it and are laughing while this poor boy continued to be so disturbed. He kept looking over his shoulder behind him, puzzled at why he couldn't see it. It was like a dog doing circles round and round before it goes to sleep. We had a little talk and I think he is okay with it now, but the rest of the night he kept saying peoples names and asking if they had holes too.

Like I said, not the most appropriate topic, but Oh, the things that come out of this child's mouth just need to be remembered.

September 11, 2009

Proud Wife and Mom

This last week has been very rewarding for me as a wife and mother, although sadly it has nothing to do with me, just an amazing husband and children.

Thursday, Spencer came home and said, "Mom, I want to try out for student council. I have to write a paragraph on why I think the students should pick me. I have to turn it in on Monday." I said okay we will work on it this weekend. (by the way, there was no note sent home telling me about this ) Well, Friday I pick him up from school and he jumps in the car and says, "Mom, I'm on student council!!" (still no note). I of course am quite shocked and start asking a number of questions, one being "what about the paper you had to write?" He replied by saying, " Oh, my teacher told me the wrong day and it was really due today, so I stayed in at recess and wrote it." Still a little in shock I said, "what did you say?" Spencer said back, " I don't remember, all good stuff though. The kids liked mine the best and they voted me to be the representative for 4th grade. I have my first meeting on Tuesday. I have to be at school at 8am." (still waiting for a note, something...) A little unsure of how this was going to play out. I still hadn't heard anything from the school about him winning. Did he just think he had won? No note, news...who knows? He went to school Tuesday morning and sure enough he had won, and was supposed to be there. WOW!! I was so proud of him to have the courage to run for office. He just started a brand new school this year and I thought he would be a little nervous, not knowing anyone, but NO! I am so grateful he has the confidence to step out of his comfort zone and do something new. What this little guy lacks in height, he sure makes up for in courage!! I love you Spencer and I hope you never lose that spark and drive for life.

Friday, Ashton went to preschool and his teacher pulled me aside and said, "look what Ashton did?" She said, "I started to write the letter "A" and then I walked away to help some one and I came back to this." He wrote his name all by himself. It was a little crazy, but you could totally make out his name. He is 3 and has only been in preschool since August. I was pretty impressed. He was so proud of himself. He keeps telling me, "mom, I'm the only one in my class that has a big "A". Ashton, I love your sweet spirit. I tell Tyler all the time I wish I could strap a video camera to him to capture all his hilarious moments. I will have to post some of those later.

Monday, Kaden came home and said, "mom, I tried out for a solo in our 2nd grade musical." Again in shock, I said "YOU DID, what did you sing?" He said, " just a song from the play." Spencer chimes in with, "You know a solo means you have to sing in front of the WHOLE school?" Kaden says, "Yea, I know." (For those of you who don't know...WE DON'T SING). With great admiration I said, "Kaden, that is awesome. I am so proud of you." Although he appears to be the life of the party on the outside, he actually has a very tender heart and is a little more shy when it come to doing things in public by himself. I was excited to see him stepping, or leaping rather, out of his comfort zone. You rock little man! Kaden, You make me laugh everyday and I love you!

Tuesday, Tyler was up all night writing an ebook for his OVER EXPOSURE site and then released it the next morning. He did such a wonderful job and I am so proud of him. I am constantly amazed at all he can juggle in that brain of his and still function. He is a great writer and knows how to capture his audience. He works so hard for our family, spending countless hours with little or no sleep. I want him to know he is the most A*Mazing husband and father ever!! I love you!

As a mother I have days, weeks... when I question how I'm raising my children. "Am I doing this right, or that right? Am I spending enough time with each one? Am I teaching them all they need to survive in this crazy world? Then I wonder, " is any of what I'm teaching sinking in?"
This last week was a little testament to me that is. It is my privilege and honor to have these 3 boys call me "Mom."