April 7, 2009

Spring Break '09

Spring Break 2009
We love Buzz!

Ashy and Uncle Tyler

Mickey Mouse signed Spencer's Baseball

These two were hilarious...they were about to burst!

Grandpa and Ashy
Ashton and Grandpa getting ready for the Toy Story ride

Grandma and Kaden on Toy Story

Ben, Alex, and Vanessa helping us defeat Zurg on Buzz Lightyear

Mom and Ashy on Dumbo. He loves to go up and down...up and down(anyone else sick)

Spencer and Kaden on Toy Story. Spencer's mouth full of skittles. We love this new ride!!

Spencer and Kaden

I love this adorable face!!
He truly still believes if he can't see you...You Can't See Him!

Boys waiting in line with their feathers

Waiting for the fireworks in Grandma's special spot

Me and my Boys

Kaden and Ashton had Buzz Lightyear sign their Disneyland Baseballs

Uncle Troy and Aunt Nellie took the boys on California Screamin'. I was still recovering from surgery. It was Kaden's first time and he loved it. Thanks guys, love ya

Ashton, Kaden, Spencer, Max, and Adam pondering...

Addie and Ashy. These two are so cute together. They are in their own world and have the funniest conversations with eachother.

Addie, Ashton, and new baby Berlynn

The boys got their Easter gifts a little early from Grandma and Grandpa

We had a wonderful time seeing our family and cousins. We love you all. You can come visit us in the HOT land anytime!