September 7, 2008

Who loves you?

Every night we have our little routine of bathing the kids, brushing teeth, reading scriptures and saying prayers. After we are done, Tyler usually takes Spencer and Kaden into their room, tucks them in and spends a little daddy time with them, just talking about their day. I take Ashton and we read books and sing songs in his room as we rock in the rocking chair. When I am done singing "I Am A Child of God" he knows it's bed time. I say to him, "Do you know Mommy loves you?" He replies, "Yesss". We go back and forth with a list of people that love him. " Daddy loves you, Spencer and Kaden love you, Grandma and Grandpa love you, Heavenly Father loves you, Jesus loves you," "Yesss." He just laughs and thinks it is so funny. Well the other night I said, "Ashton, who loves you?" He looked up and said, "my horsee loves me, Shamoon loves me, and Jesus loves me." I said, "What about Mommy and Daddy?" He said, "No, Horsee, Shamoon, and Jesus love me." Thanks, I'm glad to see I am having such an impact. I guess I should be glad that at least he knows Jesus loves him.