March 3, 2008


I'm faster than fast, I'm Lightning McQueen
Ashton fell and hit his head. After a visit to the doctor and a little glue
he kept saying, "hole head, doctor fix it"

"Mommy, sit on rock, take pitchers Lighting Atween"

Loves playing outside with rocks and bugs

These are just some fun pics. I cannot believe he is already 2 years old-I love him!

Time Out

So, I am in the kitchen and Ashton, who just turned 2yrs. comes running in saying "baby time out, baby time out". I look around the corner and what do I see-his little baby was in time out on the stairs. I started laughing, and of course that just made his day. He started laughing and repeating over and over again the phrase "mommy, baby time out".