June 26, 2009

10 Year Anniversary!!!

We went to Cancun on our Honeymoon and loved every minute! Tyler surprised me with a trip back to paradise for our 10 year Anniversary!!

Our boat ride and the view from our hotel window

Royal Solaris Cancun, Mexico
This was our home for a few days...Not too shabby

We went to a wild animal park/nature aquarium called Xcaret.
We were walking along a path and this was just sitting on the side of the road
there weren't any gates and wall keeping the animals fenced in. They just roamed around...pretty cool!

riding a turtle

These things are huge!! An actual turtle shell and turtle. He reminded me of Crush from Nemo.

The water is crystal clear, the sand is white and feels like powder, and could it get any more tropical and humid? A far cry from our dry desert in Arizona!

There are old ancient ruins all over Cancun

This picture actually was taken straight, the house is just that slanted. For once we felt Tall!

This part of the Island is so amazing. There is an underground tunnel that is filled with water and it runs for over a mile through the park. We swam and snorkeled through the tunnel and saw all kinds of fish.

This is a church in the park

We watched a show that night in a huge theater reenacting ancient customs, traditions, and games. Everyone was given a little candle and then they came and lit the wicks so the whole theater had these little lights.

This was the last day of our vacation, our actual Anniversary date. It was pretty crazy to think back and realize we were here 10 years ago, and how far we have come. One incredible journey with my best friend, with an eternity of fun times to come. Ty, I love you tons!! You are the BEST!