December 30, 2008

Hunting for Geodes

Last Saturday, I decided to take the boys geode hunting. They're WAY into rocks right now and geodes are the ultimate. If you don't know what geodes are, they're the hollow rocks that develop crystals inside. So, we found out that there are a few specific places where you can find geodes. One popular place is the Hauser Geode Beds just outside of Blythe (a 3 hour drive from Temecula - where we're staying for the holidays). We decided to make it an all day adventure. Jill packed us lunches. Dawson & Grandpa came with us and we had a great time.

Here's a picture of the boys hard at work looking for geodes. Apparently the geodes form in volcanic ash. So, we spent a lot of time digging & breathing ash!

The boys had a blast and found some really cool geodes. I'll post some pictures of the geodes they found later as well as some pictures that Grandpa took of the boys on top of a nearby extinct volcano.

P.S. I'd definitely recommend a geode hunt for anyone with boys between the ages of 5 & 11. Fun stuff.