July 31, 2008

1st day of School 2008-09

I'm hearing the words from Nemo,
"First day of school, first day of school"
I can't believe it is that time already. The boys both woke up this morning at 6:00am pinging off the walls, wondering when it was time to go to school. Spencer is in 3rd grade and Kaden is in 1st. They loved their teachers and were excited to see all their friends. I'm not looking forward to the 30 min. drive again, but hopefully that will end soon.

July 30, 2008

4th of July & Sea World-Summer Fun!

4th of July 2008

Ashton riding the fish at Sea World. He was in Heaven

Kaden, Spencer, Dawson, and Kenzie all rode the rapid ride with Grandpa and were soaked!

Hiding in the Arctic cave, and Asthon being quiet amused by their faces.

My sweet little Wise Guy. Oh, how I love this little boy

The kids were doing fire works and pops outside Grandma and Grandpa's house.

We had a blast at Sea World. Uncle Tyler, Sencer, Tyler, and Kaden off on Atlantis

Ashton showing you his blue tongue from his sucker while waiting for Shamu to start.

Shamu, Shamu xx xx Shamu, Shamu
Ashton still to this day is talking about Shamu and singing the song. He carries his little Shamu's all over the house playing with them. He splashes in the tub and says "I kicka my feet like a Shamoon's tail".

Ashton loved the big horses. He got to pet this one behind us and he didn't want to leave. He kept saying "I go see the orsies".

Grandpa and the boys in the Arctic Cave

Spencer surfing

Is this typical or what? Need I say more?

Grandpa with Max, Adam, and Ashton playing motor boat.

Kaden and Spencer

cousin time in the pool

Bounce House Slide time at Grandpa's house. I think Grandpa likes this thing just as much as the kids do.

So cute!
Ashton loves to play at the park. We all had such a great time. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa. We love you!

July 25, 2008

Spencer's 8th Birthday and Baptism

What a handsome young man, he already looks like a missionary (minus a few teeth).

June 1st 2008, my sweet little boy turned 8 years old. I still remember so vividly holding him in my arms seconds after he was born, in ah that he was "mine" What an honor it is to raise this Child of God. Daddy and I love you tons!
June 28th 2008 was a big day for our family. Spencer was baptized and we are so proud of him. He set a goal to read the entire Book of Mormon before he was 8yrs. and he did it. He is very aware of the commitment he is making to his Heavenly Father. He has such a giant spirit trapped inside that little body. His favorite song is "If the Savior Stood Beside me" and his Uncle Jeff and Aunt Cherie sang it beautifully. Our family was able to be there and join in this day with us and we are so grateful to them. We love you all!!
Dad, Mom, and Spencer at his favorite restaurant Cafe Rio after his baptism.
A Four Generation picture: Great grandpa Shumway, Grandpa Garns, Dad (Tyler Garns), and Me (Spencer Garns).
Uncle Scott and Aunt Lisa were so nice to come and share this special day with us. We love you!
Our family
Grandpa and Grandma Garns came too. Grandma talked on baptism and gave me a baptism memory book. Grandpa made me this Amazing picture you see behind us. It says "Spencer, Put On the Whole Armour of God".
Grandpa and Grandma Meldrum were there as well. Grandma talked on the Holy Ghost, and gave me a silver CTR ring to remember to "Choose The RIGHT". Great Grandpa and Grandma Shumway, we were so glad you were able to be there.

End of Year School Plays

Spencer's 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Goracke and friend Josh
Doesn't he make a cute bug!
Spencer's 2nd grade play with his good friend Josh
Kaden's Kindergarten Play
Kaden's Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Lowe, at Ryan Elementary

Last basketball game Spring 2008

Spencer and Kaden Played on the "Suns" basketball team this year in Arizona and loved it!

Grandma Garns came to watch us play.

Our trophies

Some friends on our team

Ashton thinks he is part of the team, check out his stance.

Best buds (Spencer is 7 yrs. and Kaden is 6 yrs old)

Grandma and Ashton

Slacker-I know!

Life has been a little crazy and summer has not helped my blogging, so I am going to attempt to do a mini catch up.

Here are pictures from Easter 2008 at Grandma & Grandpa Meldrums house with their cousins Dawson, Kenzie, Addie, and Uncle Tyler.

Grandpa and Grandma Meldrum