May 30, 2009

New story time...

Friday, on the way to school I told the kids when they get home we were going swimming at Dave's house. Ashton 3, pipes up in the back and says, "Mommy, is Goliath going to be there too?"

May 7, 2009

Father and Son's Camp Out

The boys have been looking forward to this weekend all year. They love to go camping and explore with their dad. They went to a camp called Oak Flat, just over an hour away.

Saturday morning after a traditional pancake breakfast, they hiked up this mountain and found real Indian Ruins. All I heard about when they returned home was these ruins and "Tonto" the Indian (Tonto was part of a story Tyler told the kids around the camp fire).
You can see the little civilization up in the mountain behind the kids.

The boys were so excited and had a great time...Ashy, you can go next year