August 5, 2009

Ashton's 1st day of school

Ashton started his first day of Preschool today. He was so excited to be big like the boys. He filled his backpack with a book, a drink and bagel, (for snack time) and of course he had to have a cold pack. He told me, "mommy, I want my backpack heavy like the boys."

He was all smiles until we got inside the front door of school, and then he wanted to bolt for the door. His teacher Mrs. Stewart was so great with him and they played with dinosaurs as I quickly made an exit for the door. A little apprehensive about how he would do on his first day alone, I waited for a phone call...and nothing!
When I went to pick him up he was beaming from ear to ear and came running out telling me how much fun school was.
The next day of school we drove up to her house and he said to me, " Mommy, I do it all by myself!!" He wanted to get out of the car all by himself and go running into school alone.

How quickly they grow up and become independent. It is so sweet and yet a little sad to watch him grow up. I know it is my last time doing all these mile stones and I am trying to engrave them all in my brain. I have to say it is priceless to watch him head off into school. His little legs are running, backpack bouncing, and he is waving and smiling all the way to the door.
I love it and I love you Ashy!!