August 8, 2010

3 Balls, A Retired Jersey, and the Flag Lady

Last night Spencer and I went to the D-Backs games. It just so happened that it was the night they retired Luis Gonzalez's jersey.

Spencer and I got to Chase Field about two hours early to watch batting practice and have some dinner. Our seats were in left field so we were able to hang out there and to try and catch home runs during practice. One of the players threw a ball to Spencer. He was so excited. A few minutes later, one came right to our seat and I caught it.

After some fun during batting practice, we went to Friday's for dinner. Just as we were finishing up, they started the jersey retirement ceremony. We went out on the Friday's balcony to watch.
Here's a picture of Spencer, seconds after they revealed Gonzalez's number 20 (it's just above Spencer's right shoulder).

Here's another one during the ceremony down at home plate.

The game started off with the D-Backs taking an early lead which they kept most of the game. Innings 5-8 were a tad boring because not much happened in the game. But, the Flag Lady kept us entertained. She was in the row in front of ours and is certifiably insane.

But, the 9th inning got fun because the Padres tied it up with a homer to left field (which just happened to go straight into my glove). Of course, I promptly threw it back and told them to go home, which encouraged cheers from the whole stadium.

Here's the video of me catching the 9th inning homer. See if you can find Spencer and I in both of the last inning home run clips.

To top it off, Chris Young nailed a homer in the 9th to win it for the D-Backs. Spencer and I had a blast.