April 30, 2010

April 2010

April has been a great and busy month for our family, a look back...

  • I spoke on the Atonement at our Relief Society night
  • The Primary had a wonderful Easter egg hunt and breakfast
  • Conference was Amazing, as always!!  The boys were really good and listened
  • Easter, Easter bunny, eggs, chocolate, candy, play
  • Grandpa Garns came to visit
  • Had a BBQ with our neighbors
  • The Scorpion man is back in our lives...FULL FORCE
  • Taught YW, Go to mutual
  • Tyler teaches, and is out with the Missionaries every Wednesday night as the ward mission leader
  • Scouts, pack meeting
  • Made cookies
  • Made cupcakes
  • Piano, Piano recital.  The boys did an Awesome job.  They each had to compose their own piece to play.  Kaden's was called "Legos" and Spencer's was "The Land of the Lost"
  • Took a trip with the YW in our ward to the new Gila Valley Temple open house.  What a special experience for the girls!!
  • Spencer received the  Gilbert Golden Scholar award from the principal for straight "A's" and is being honored in a ceremony
  • Tyler is working, working, working a 21 city tour.  A new city each month!  We love him and appreciate all he does for our family!!
  • The kids have been livin' it up outside, Playing, riding bikes, scooters, catch, football, you name it,  because it will all end here very shortly
  • And yes, we went to the ZOO!!
 And our new found place "Bahama Bucks"
Gila Valley Temple
NO, we DID NOT wear Jeans into the Temple.  This was taken the next day :)