October 15, 2008

Fall Break

The kids were out of school for Fall Break, so we went to the Happiest Place on Earth!
I just love to go when it is all decorated for the Holidays. It reminds me of going as a child, that jolly, giddy, happy to be alive feeling!
We got some autographs, pictures, Candy Corns, saw all the pumpkins, and lights down Main Street...LOVE IT!

My mom's sister Jarnie and her husband Kevin came from Utah and stayed for a week along with her son Mike and wife Kara. It was so fun to visit with all our cousins and family.

Ashton's favorite ride was the train because he got to see Dinosaurs
and other animals. We also took him on The Matterhorn for the first time...he just barely made 35 in. He was a little hesitant at first as we were waiting in line and he kept hearing the abominable snowman ROAR! I kept telling him it was a fast choo choo train, and he got all excited...until we got on the ride. He was grabbing on to the handles for dear life and dead silent. When we came out of the last turn into daylight, my mom looked back and said, "Jill, he is WHITE." He told me, "Mommy that so fun." When we got off we called daddy and told him he was such a big boy and went on the fast train. Ashton told Tyler, "Mommy hold me really tight and I saw a white monkey."(abominable snowman...Monkey, it's all the same?)

Spencer was so excited to finally be tall enough to go on California Screamin, you have to be 48in. and with the help of a little toilet paper in his shoes...he made it! He wanted Grandpa to go with him and he LOVED it!!

Kaden was so excited too because he go to go on Indiana Jones for the first time!
He actaully was tall enough 46in. and He loved it!
This trip was a monumentous occasion at Disneyland! We have not been there in over a year and it was a nice little reasurrance that, YES, my children really are growing! There is hope for them afterall.