January 25, 2009

Birthday Time!!

Today is Ashton's 3rd Birthday!!

Ashton shares this Wonderful day with my Amazing Dad!
Grandpa and Ashton have a special little bond that I love to watch when they are together. Daddy, you are the greatest and I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me. You have a way of knowing just what I need. You're patience, loving support, desire to do good, your playtime with the grandkids, hard work ethic, service in the church, and your love for mom are priceless gifts to me. I love you dad. Happy Birthday!!

Ashton has been waiting for this day all week. We went to the store on Friday to buy the ingredients to make him a birthday cake. He wanted his special cake and frosting in his own bag to carry out of the store. He carried it to the car and into the house.
I ran up stairs for a minute when all the sudden I hear him down stairs saying," Mom, I'm making my Birthday cake." As I come running down stairs, I found him with the scissors and he had opened his candle, cut the bag with the cake mix, and was beginning to pour it out.
" I help you Mommacita"

This morning we were walking down the stairs and he said to me,
"Mom, let's go sing to me" as he proceeded to sing..."Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday to ME!"

My little Darth Vader

This little guy keeps our family laughing. Last night he said the prayer for dinner which went a little something like:
"Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for this day.
Thank you for, these cheerios I'm eating (there was a little snack bag of cheerios left on the table and as he said those words began to eat them)
Thank you that Ashton not like sauce on his quesadilla, and we get to go in a tent tomorrow (not really)

Then he told me the other day as I was putting him in his car seat, "Mommy, little Ashton's are really cute huh."
" I love you Mommy, you my best friend" Does it get any better!
I can't believe my little baby is not such a little baby anymore. He is 3 years old, and I was just recalling the day he was born, like it was yesterday.
He is becoming a pretty independent little man. All potty trained, and out of all the baby gear. On one hand these are wonderful mile stones, on the other it reminds me he is growing up.
I love you Ashy. You are my special little boy