June 4, 2008

Family Prayer

So, we kneel down for family prayer and Ashton (2yrs old) decides it is his turn to say the prayer. Tyler was sitting beside him and began to help him out. This is how it went:
Tyler: Dear Heavenly Father
Ashton: Oh, daddy look a car
(we all begin to smirk)
Tyler: We are thankful for this day
Ashton: Thankful dis day
Tyler: We're thankful for Jesus
Ashton: Thankful Jesus
Tyler: We're thankful for mommy and daddy
Ashton: Thankful mommy daddy, Pencer, Taen, Ashy, and you and you, and Child God
(we are now silently laughing, the 2 older boys out loud)
Tyler: We're thankful for grandma and grandpa
Ashton: YEAP! ( as he does a little hop on his knees)

By this time we are all laughing, but still trying to control ourselves for our kids sake. Tyler quickly finishes the prayer with Ashton and we all had a good laugh. The kid is a crack-up. He is always looking for the opportunity to make you smile. We love you Ashy!