April 1, 2008

Ixtapa, Mexico

Welcome to Mexico!
Thanks to Uncle Pfizer and all of Tyler's hard work, he won a vacation right before he changed jobs. The vacation had to be used before the summer so here we are!
The kids went and played with Grandparents and cousins for the week and we went to go enjoy a week in the sun.
We had such a wonderful time. We stayed at an all inclusive resort which we had never done before, and I must say it was AMAZING!!
Tyler surfed and went deep see fishing. We sailed out to an island, sat around the pool while people brought us unlimited yummy drinks, walked along the beach, visited with the local people, ate, and ate, and had a blast.
Life sometimes gets so crazy that we forget to stop and take a breath. We are always serving or doing for others, wanting others to be happy, that we forget every once in awhile, WE deserve a day or a week of HEAVEN!
(my pics got out of order. I don't think Crocs are Heaven)

We met some friends along our path. There was a park close by our hotel with all kinds of creatures living in their natural habitat

A moon lit walk

The hotel had a live show every night

Eating dinner on the water and watching the sunset. Does it get any better?

Our Hotel -Melia Azul Ixtapa-

This is where I had countless Strawberry drinks. It makes me miss them just thinking about it.
The view from our room

My breakfast every morning started with Oh... such yummy fresh bread that just crumbled in your hands, topped off with nothing less than authentic Dulce de Leche.
Thank you hun for working so hard for our family. This was a week to remember!