May 10, 2010

Student Council Secretary

Spencer wanted to run for 5th grade Student Council Secretary.  He had been on student council as a representative for his 4th grade class and loved it.  He decided this year to go bigger and next year he wants to run for President. 
We picked the kids up from school early Friday and headed up to Gila Valley to see the Temple open house.  As we are in the car Spencer tells us he plans on running for Secretary and has to write and give a speech on Tuesday to the faculty and student body.  So on our ride home Saturday from the Gila Valley, we had 3 hours to kill and he worked on his speech.  He would write a little piece and then ask our advice, and then work on a little more and so on until he was complete.    We had him read it over and over several times in the car on the way home because it had to be memorized.  We got home and he didn't look at it much more until Monday morning when I had him read it to me once just for practice.  I told him he needed to come home today and really work on memorizing his speech so he would be ready for Tomorrow. 
I took them to school and then came to pick them up at the end of the day and Kaden was the only one out waiting for me.  My heart dropped, where is Spencer?  I had this sick feeling they had them do their speeches a day early.  I parked the car and went in looking for Spencer.   The teacher said," They made an announcement at the end of the day Friday telling the students that EVERYONE would be doing their speeches on Monday instead of Tuesday."  Well, if you remember, we picked the kids up early Friday and NEVER got that message.  I was dying.   The teacher said, "it's okay, Spencer said he had it memorized and he is ready."  I said, "can I talk to him before he does his speech ?"  She sent me down the hall where Spencer was coming toward me CALM as can be!  I said, "Spence, are you ready for this?"  He replied, "Mom, I am totally fine. I rewrote my speech this morning in class and I know it."  I said, "okay,  can you say it to me once before going in there?"  He recited his speech and I was left speechless!  I was a very proud and humbled mother all in one moment.  I was so proud of him for having the courage to go out for this, especially without having his speech in hand.  It was a humbling experience for me to trust in him.  He is a smart boy and confident enough in himself to know...he was FINE!

Here is the speech that voted him Student Council Secretary:
       During Elementary school is when children begin to develop the habits and skills that will help them succeed throughout the rest of their lives.  The Student Council's job is to help the teachers and faculty organize and carry out the activities that will help the students develop the character traits that this school has defined.  Student Council can't be effective without a good Secretary who is organized, disciplined,  responsible, proactive, and takes initiative.  As a strait A student, I have proven to work hard and help others a long the way.  My teacher and all those who have worked with me can tell you that I am disciplined and focused at all times.
As the Student Council Secretary, I will use the talents given to me to make sure that the minutes are complete and understandable, the meetings run efficiently, and most of all, that the students benefit from the council's activities.  Don't hesitate to check my references, run a background check, or call my mommy.
Thank you.