June 1, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Spencer

I can't believe my first born little boy is 9 years old today. I still remember the moment he was born. Kissing his sweet soft newborn cheeks, in amazement that I actually brought this beautiful, perfect, tiny little spirit into this world. He is a blessing to our family, by setting a wonderful example for his brothers to follow. He is so obedient, loving, driven, smart, loves sports, and truly wants to do what is right. I thank Heavenly Father every day for sending you to our home. We love you Spencer!

From the time we moved to Arizona Spencer wanted to go to this water park called Big Surf, so for his Birthday we surprised him and went on Saturday. He was so excited and had a BLAST!

Kaden and Ashton were pretty thrilled they got to benefit from Spencer's Birthday too. It was pretty hot and Ashton ended up wearing more of his Ice cream then he ate. Kaden kept offering to help him out, but of course Ashton was having none of that!!

Today Spencer had a camp out at school, took donuts to his class, and got to pick his favorite place for dinner, and to top it all off heard from all his cousins and family as they sang Happy Birthday. He was one Happy boy when he went to bed tonight.

Happy Birthday Spencer!!