November 19, 2008

Dinner Conversations...

I was sitting with the boys eating dinner (Tyler was out of town) and the conversation between the 3 of them was hilarious.

Spencer: Mom, how much did I weigh when I was born?
Me: You were 5.14oz , Kaden was 6.11oz , and Ashton was 6.9oz
Kaden: I was the fatty in the bunch!
Spencer: Mom, this kid in my class weighed 8lbs. when he was born...that's HUGE!
Me: Spencer, lots of kids are 8lbs and even more when they are born. Just because some babies are born bigger or smaller doesn't mean that they won't grow to be the same size.
Spencer: but mom, he weighs 110lbs now.
Me: Really, mommy doesn't even weigh 100lbs.
Kaden: Are you Serious?

Spencer: Mom, am I small because my middle name is Tyler
Kaden: That means I am medium because my middle name is Paul
Kaden: That means Ashton is going to be HUGE, because his middle name is Scott!

Ashton feeling a little left out of the conversation, continues tapping Kaden on the shoulder...

Ashton: Hey, Hey, little buddy listen to me!
Kaden: What?
Ashton: Are you serious...I be 6 lbs!