December 14, 2009

Cruise the Caribbean 2009

Tyler was speaking at an event that just happened to be on a cruise ship sailing through the Caribbean, so we just happened to come along...yeah US!!!
The kids had NO idea. Little by little we gave them clues as to what was to come and they just kept getting more and more excited. We had promised the kids if we read the scriptures every day for the whole year and didn't miss we would take a trip somewhere because all the kids wanted to do was go on an airplane. We have this little airport by our house that had flights to random places for like $29 to $39 a person, so we thought...sweet, we can do this! Then suddenly this opportunity of a life time came up, and we just could pass it up! (this trip far exceeded what Tyler and I had planned)

The two older boys had been on a plane when they were little, but didn't remember it. Ashton has not. So needless to say they were jumping for joy when they found out they were going on a plane. This was at Phoenix Airport right before we left.

The boys each had their own little back pack with activities for the plane and headphones for movie time, and of course snacks!!
Here is our plane...

I was sitting next to Spencer as we took off and it is a moment I will never forget!! He was so excited he almost came out of his seat. He sat there on the edge of his seat with both hands grasping the edge of the armrest looking out the window with a smile bigger then life. It grew even bigger as we raced down the runway and up into the air. He was loving it!! I looked over at Kaden and Ashton and you could see the same excitement beaming from within! I loved watching every minute.

We arrived in Florida the night before and stayed in a hotel, then got up the next morning and headed off to the boat. We departed from Miami on Royal Caribbean cruise line. Our ship was called Majesty of the Seas.
This huge gingerbread house was right in the center of the ship right as we walked on.

This was one of the rooms. It had 2 twin beds and a bunk bead that pulled down. The kids thought it was so cool.
This was right before the ship departed

The first stop was Nassau, where we explored the island and the amazing hotel Atlantis

This is part of an enormous aquarium in the hotel and these fish followed every move the boys made.

Then we went and played on the beach. Our Taxi driver hit a police man's car, so needless to say that delayed our trip a little.

Ashton and Kaden were building a sand castle then decided they wanted to be buried and look like pyramids.

We could get used to this beautiful place.

This was Ashton before is Ashton after dinner...

Me and my Amazing husband

Our next stop was Coco Cay where the boys again played on the beach and swam in the beautiful water and saw all kinds of fish.

Our home for a week

Because it was the week before Christmas it was fitting to have a visit by the big man himself...Santa, and we sang songs and enjoyed the night.

The boys climbed the rock wall on the ship right in the middle of the ocean

Next stop was Key West where we explored this quaint little town.

Captain Ashton

These were a few of the men Tyler hung out with all week

The boys loved all the little animals they would leave in our rooms every night.
Then sadly it was time to say good bye to all you can eat food, drinks, ice cream, and of course the scenery...AMAZING
When we asked Ashton what was his favorite part of the trip he said, " We got to go on 3 planes, a taxi, a bus, a shovel (shuttle), banana boat, and 3 boats"

We had such a wonderful time together as a family...memories...PRICELESS