February 25, 2008

Still No House

Well we have been on quite the journey with this house. After several months we finally sold the investment L.A. house and we were so excited to be able to move into our home here in AZ. Well we were supposed to close last Thursday and at the last minute the lady backed out-great timing huh! Nothing like waiting until the last minute. We were also informed that the city didn't have the final inspection on the house and it was not up to code. I was realizing that this house had become the center of all problems, and now we might have to do major damage control to bring it up to code. At this point I was wanting to burn the thing down (however, I realized I would have to answer to someone up stairs ). Needless to say I was pretty sad. For the last 6 months I have been planning where pictures will go, furniture, picking out paint, longing for my 30 min. drive to school and back to be over, being close to church, having a park a couple houses down for the kids to play, being able to have dishes to cook (o.k. or at least have the option to), and finally be free from all boxes piled everywhere! After a good cry not knowing where we were going to live and worrying my children were going to have to change schools 3 times in one year, Tyler came in like the eternal optimist he is and kept telling me how things could be worse and how blessed we are (not that I didn't know these things, I just needed a good girl cry). We have always been so blessed and the Lord is always mindful of us. Just when I thought all roads had come to an end, the Lord stepped in and we got another offer on the house the next day, and the city inspector gave the O.K.--YEAH! So, we will try again and hopefully our home in AZ will still be around if it is where we are supposed to be. Never give up, keep having faith, I guess that is what it is all about! Tyler tells me his Grandpa Garns used to always say, "Life is a test, is a test, is a test"